Winter 2023

International Risk Manager Position

Relevant SPI Goal: Goal 5 – Define Organizational Structure
Created and funded a position dedicated to managing international risk that will create policy and enact best practices to mitigate risk to individuals and the institution.

Winter 2023

Launched New Partner Programs

Relevant SPI Goal: Goal 2 – Provide Global Learning Opportunities for All
Developed in partnership with Academic Programs International (API), International Studies Abroad (ISA), and The Education Abroad Network (TEAN), partner programs are approved for UC credit and offer a high level of student support.

Fall 2022

Created Global Leader/Global Mentorship Leadership Development Series

Relevant SPI Goal: Goal 3 – Strengthen Student Success

Fall 2022

Global Internships

Relevant SPI Goal: Goal 2 – Provide Global Learning Opportunities for All
Global Internships provide students with the opportunity to explore their career goals, expand their professional network and skills, and gain real work experience by participating in an internship for an organization internationally. A collaborative effort between Global Learning and UCSC departments, these internship programs have been strategically developed and tied to academic disciplines, to provide a highly valuable opportunity to students.

Fall 2021

APRU Virtual Student Exchange

Relevant SPI Goal: Goal 2 – Provide Global Learning Opportunities for All
The Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) Program provides UCSC students with the opportunity to enroll in one online academic course offered by a participating APRU member institution, as a complement to their full-time course load taken at UCSC. In exchange, a limited number of students from APRU member universities will be invited to enroll in select online courses at UCSC.

Fall 2020

International Summer Research Program (ISRP)

Relevant SPI Goal: Goal 1 – Expand and Enhance Globally-Focused Research and Engagement
The ISRP provides students from partner universities with an opportunity to engage in a research internship with a faculty mentor at UC Santa Cruz during the UCSC Summer Session which runs from mid-June to late August  (Exact dates vary each year, see here for official academic calendars.)

Fall 2020

Global Classrooms

Relevant SPI Goal: Goal 2, A – Increase opportunity and access
The Division of Global Engagement’s Global Classrooms initiative, launched in winter 2021, endeavors to foster faculty development of a broad portfolio of UCSC courses across all disciplines, to engage students and faculty in global learning. Learn more about cohorts developing Global Classrooms. 

Winter 2019


Relevant SPI Goal:
Goal 1, B – Develop a campus resource to disseminate information on faculty engaged in international research and initiatives

GlobalConnect is an online database for international relations management, designed to capture and showcase information about the institutions that UC Santa Cruz is engaged with throughout the world, through faculty research and scholarly collaborations, partnership agreements, professional networks, and other related activities.