Global Classrooms


Class-to-class International Course Development

Global Classrooms are derived from existing courses at UCSC, revised by a UCSC faculty member together with their teaching partner abroad to incorporate the course design methodologies and pedagogical approaches of Virtual Exchange (VE), also known as Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). Learn more about the COIL course design model.

Global Classrooms create opportunities for faculty to strengthen their ties with colleagues and peers abroad, through joint teaching and course development, in support of future scholarly collaborations and potential graduate student recruitment. Additionally, they offer an innovative and accessible opportunity for UCSC students to gain international experience by leveraging online learning technologies and collaborative, project-based learning.

Read the recent Global Classrooms article in TLC Spotlight on Teaching to learn more about the initiative and the faculty experience.

The Division of Global Engagement’s Global Classrooms initiative endeavors to increase opportunity and access to global learning as outlined in our Strategic Plan for Internationalization, through supporting faculty in the creation or modification of globally-focused courses in every major.

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Upcoming Courses

AY 2024-25 (Anticipated)

SOCY/LGST 128J – “World Jury on Trial”

BIOL 117 – Neglected Tropical Diseases

WRIT 2 – Mapping the Neighborhood: Writing about Communities, Social Justice, Social Change


Below are the UCSC faculty Global Classrooms awardees. They work with teaching partners at institutions abroad to re-design their UCSC courses as Global Classrooms.

2023 Awardees

The following faculty members were selected in spring 2023 to develop their Global Classroom courses and deliver them in winter or spring 2024, or AY 2024-25.

Guido Bordignon, Teaching Professor; Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology

Teaching partner: Ousman Tamgue, Senior Lecturer; Department of Biochemistry, University of Douala – Cameroon

UCSC Course: BIOL 117 – Neglected Tropical Diseases

Hiroshi Fukurai, Professor of Sociology & Legal Studies

Teaching partner: Denis De Castro Halis, Associate Professor of Law, University Estacio de Sa (UNESA) – Brazil

UCSC Course: SOCY/LGST 128J – “World Jury on Trial” 

Mark Baker, Continuing Lecturer in the Writing Program, Oakes

Teaching partner: Angelica Carvalho de Maio, Professor; Department of Geography, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) – Brazil

UCSC Course: WRIT 2 – Mapping the Neighborhood: Writing about Communities, Social Justice, Social Change

2022 Awardees
Hiroshi Fukurai, Professor of Sociology and Legal Studies

Teaching partner: Denis De Castro Halis, Associate Professor of Law, University Estacio de Sa (UNESA) – Brazil

UCSC Course: SOCY 128M – International Law & Global Justice (Contemporary Legal Issues in Asia – Innovation and Challenges – Corporate Legal Responsibilities: Global and National Trends)

Carolina González Riaño, Lecturer, Crown College

Teaching partner: From Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas – Colombia

  • Jose Assad Cuellar, Professor, Faculty of Arts
  • Luisa Fernanda Vargas Téllez, Faculty of Arts
  • César Luis Morales Figueroa, Magíster, Faculty of Arts

UCSC Course: CRWN 1 – Ethical and Societal Implications of Emerging Technologies

Tiffany Lynn Wong, Continuing Lecturer, Writing Program

Teaching partner: María de Lourdes Pérez Cesari, Professor of Theater Arts, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (UAEH) – Mexico

UCSC Course: WRIT 2 – Rhetoric & Inquiry (Mindfulness of the Creative Experience) (Spring 2023 – Class Search)

2021 Awardees
Jin Zhang, Distinguished Professor in Chemistry & Biochemistry

Teaching partner: Dr. Tzarara López Luke, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (Mexico)
UCSC Course: Molecular Spectroscopy and Applications in Chemistry

Edith Leni, Lecturer, Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics

Teaching partner: Michelle Espinoza Lobos, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities, Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique, Chile.

UCSC Course: Second-Year Spanish (SPAN 4)

Emily Murai, Lecturer, Environmental Studies Department

Teaching partner: Geoffrey Gathii, Lecturer, Cooperative University of Kenya (CUK)

UCSC Course: Academic Literacy and Ethos: Global and International Affairs (CLNI 1)

Rob Sean Wilson, Professor of transnational/ post-colonial literatures

Teaching partner: Dr. Serena Chou, Associate Research Fellow/Professor, Academia Sinica, Institute of European and American Studies (Taiwan)

Global Classroom: Pacific Rim Discourse (LIT 133F)

2020 Awardees
Elizabeth Abrams, Provost of Merrill College and Senior Teaching Professor

Teaching partner: Joseph Akuma Misati, Professor, Community Development, Cooperative University of Kenya

UCSC Course: Reading Ourselves, Reading the World (MERR 1)

Alvaro A. Cardenas, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Teaching partner: Sandra Rueda – Associate Professor, Information Technology, Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

UCSC Course: Information Security (CSE 132)

Melvin Cox, Lecturer

Teaching partner: Denis Kamau Muthoni, Lecturer, Department of Entrepreneurship and Economics and Director, Directorate of Alumni, Career Services and International Students, Cooperative University of Kenya

UCSC Course: Focus on Africa (MERR 1)

Jess H.K. Law, Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Department

Teaching partner: Haoze Li, Assistant Professor, English Language & Culture, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (China)

UCSC Course: Structure of Chinese Languages (LING 188 – 1)

Annapurna Pandey, Professor in the Anthropology department

Teaching partner: Jyortimayee Acharya – Professor, Gender Studies, Rama Devi Women’s University (India)

UCSC Course: Women in Politics: A Third World Perspective (ANTH 194X)

Jennifer Parker, Professor of Digital Art & New Media

Teaching partner: José Carlos Espinel Velasco, Associate Professor, Sculpture & Artistic Training, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

UCSC Course: 3D Art + Design Studio 2 (ART 185)

Kirsten Rudestam, PhD candidate in the Sociology Department
Abigail Brown, Sociology PhD student

Teaching partner: Sarah Elizabeth Wolfe – Associate Professor, Environment and Sustainability, Royal Roads University (Canada)

UCSC Course: Water and Sanitation Justice (SOCY 173X)

Matt Sparke, Director of Global and Community Health, and Professor of Politics
David Shaw, Coordinator of the Right Livelihood College at UCSC

Teaching partner: Swati Banerjee, Associate Professor, Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Studies (TISS)

UCSC Course: Global Health Problems and Political-Ecology Responses (POLI 190U)

Beth Stephens, Professor, Art Department

Teaching partner: Sheila Atala, Teacher, Art, Annecy Alpes Art School (France)

UCSC Course: Environmental Art in the Expanded World (ART 80E)

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