Faculty-led Global Seminar Proposal

Immerse your students in a cross-cultural global learning experience with our faculty-led global seminars, where academic coursework comes to life through international exploration and engagement.

There is no current call for proposals.

Email Executive Director of Global Mobility, Alice Michel with any questions: acmichel@ucsc.edu

The Division of Global Engagement provides administrative and logistical support for UC Santa Cruz faculty to teach UCSC coursework abroad through Global Seminars, our faculty-led summer study abroad programs. These programs involve UC Santa Cruz courses taught abroad, enhanced by the location, excursions, and cultural activities. They are intended to expand study abroad opportunities for UCSC students in a broad range of academic disciplines and foster relationships with institutions abroad.

Review the Global Seminar Proposal Guidelines for more information about criteria and considerations prior to submitting a proposal.

All program proposals are reviewed by the Senate Committee on International Education (CIE), UC Santa Cruz Global Learning, and the Committee on Courses of Instruction for course approval.

If you are considering a Global Seminar proposal, review the Global Seminar Proposal Guidelines for detailed information on the review process, criteria, and timelines. It is also recommended that you view examples of past successful proposals: Relief Printmaking in Korea and Moroccan Cinema and Arabic.

Proposal Review Process

Global Seminar proposals will be reviewed by the Faculty Senate Committee on International Education (CIE) and UC Santa Cruz Global Learning. If recommended for development by both CIE and Global Learning, the course(s) proposed will need to undergo an accelerated CCI new course approval. For detailed information about the review criteria, please review the Proposal Guidelines.

Before submitting a proposal, be prepared to:

Proposal review will occur in two steps:

1) CIE and Global Learning Review

CIE and Global Learning will review proposals to either “recommend” or “not recommend” that a proposal move forward to development. CIE will review proposals based on target demographics, academic quality, and feasibility while Global Learning will review proposals based on affordability, marketability, sustainability, and risk management.

During the review process, Global Learning may request a meeting to resolve any questions they have about the proposal. Pending course approval by the Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI), “recommended” programs will be developed for implementation through a collaborative process between the program leader and Global Learning. Not all programs will be recommended for development and some recommended programs may be deferred to a future summer due to capacity or program development challenges.

2) CCI Course Approval

The Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI) will conduct an accelerated new course approval review for the summer-session course(s). Consultation with CCI is recommended to determine if a new course approval or a course revision is required.

Proposal Workshops

Faculty and eligible lecturers are encouraged to attend an upcoming Global Seminar Proposal Workshop, co-facilitated by CIE and Global Learning. 

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Additional Information


Senate faculty and continuing lecturers with a sponsoring UCSC department or college can submit a Global Seminar proposal. 

After proposal submission, the sponsoring department chair will be requested to complete an assessment form to confirm support of the proposal.

Once a Global Seminar program has been approved and offered at least once, it is possible for a non-continuing lecturer to teach future iterations of that program, contingent on support from the offering department or college.

Why Submit a Proposal

While UCSC students have a variety of study abroad or away options available to them, UC Santa Cruz Global Seminars provide students with a unique opportunity to pursue an international experience with UC Santa Cruz faculty while enrolled in UC Santa Cruz courses. Excursions and cultural activities are built into the program, leveraging the international location to enhance learning. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small (15-30 students) allowing for a more intimate learning environment. Faculty can share their knowledge and interest in another country and culture while at the same time work closely with students, helping shape their experience both in and out of the classroom through meaningful engagement abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I propose a new course?

A: Yes. In fact, all Global Seminar courses must be approved as either new courses or course revisions through the Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI). Faculty will be notified to move forward with either a new or revised course submission following proposal recommendation. Please see the Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI) website for more information and guidance.

Q: Can I offer a course that my department already offers during the academic year as a study abroad course?

A: Yes. However, faculty will need to submit either a new or revised course proposal to the Committee on Courses of Instruction to teach the course abroad. We encourage you to discuss with your department chair how offering this course(s) in the summer may impact enrollments in the same course offered during the regular academic year.

Q: What criteria are used to review proposals?

A: CIE will review proposals for the target demographic, academic quality, and feasibility. Global Learning will review proposals for affordability, marketing and enrollment management, sustainability, and risk management. A full list of criteria can be found in the Proposal Guidelines.

Q: Will teaching a study abroad course over the summer affect my teaching load during the academic year?

A: No. Summer Session courses are considered overload and are in addition to your regular teaching schedule.

Q: How long are Global Seminar programs?

A: Global Seminar programs generally span 4 to 5 weeks and align with either Summer Session 1 or 2. 

Q: Do I have to commit to teaching a Global Seminar program every summer?

A: While Global Learning aims to build sustainable programs, it is not expected that the program run every summer. Some instructors choose to run their program every other year.

Last modified: Jul 09, 2024