Steering Committee

» ACE Lab Steering Committee Charge

Matthew Clapham, Committee Co-chair
Committee on Planning & Budget
Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Becky George, Committee Co-chair
Assistant Vice Provost, Global Engagement

Jeremy Hourigan, Committee Co-chair
Chair, Committee on International Education
Associate Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Richard Hughey, Committee Co-chair
Interim Vice Provost of Global Engagement
Vice Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Education
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering

Katharyne Mitchell, Committee Co-chair
Dean, Social Sciences
Professor, Sociology

Scott Brandt
Vice Chancellor of Research
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Elisabeth Cameron
Committee on Educational Policy
Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture

Lisbeth Haas
Professor, History

Galen Jarvinen
Special Assistant, Planning & Budget

Steve Kang
Distinguished Chair and Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lori Kletzer
Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor, Economics

Tracy Larrabee
Graduate Council
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, Baskin School of Engineering
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Flora Lu
Provost, Colleges Nine and Ten
Professor, Environmental Studies

Katia Obraczka
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Massimiliano Tomba
Professor, History of Consciousness

Last modified: Jun 11, 2023