Faculty Seminar Away

People Walking in a city

The Faculty Seminar Away provides Senate Faculty a one-week fully funded trip to engage with institutional partners.


  • Engage UCSC faculty directly in the work of deepening institutional partnerships and advancing the Strategic Plan for Internationalization for the campus 
  • Foster international and interdisciplinary connections and dialogue, internally among UCSC faculty participants, and externally, with faculty at the partner institutions
  • Provide opportunities for UCSC faculty to develop new or strengthen existing  relationships with colleagues abroad that may lead to deeper ongoing work with the host country/institution that accrues benefits to the UCSC community, e.g.:
    • Teaching and research connections to spur new international curriculum development such as Global Classrooms.
    • Gaining a deeper understanding of a partner institution’s curriculum, to support Global Engagement’s effort to pre-approve partner courses taken by UCSC students participating in exchange programs.
    • Building new research collaborations that can unlock potential for larger, often multi-country research grants, potentially creating new opportunities for graduate student training.
    • Institutional familiarity with partner to promote and advance multi-modal engagement that strengthens and deepens partnership.