Learn about UCSC’s ambitious plan for comprehensive internationalization that strives to prepare students, faculty, and staff to study, teach, conduct research, and work in a globally connected world.

UC Santa Cruz is implementing its Strategic Plan for Internationalization (SPI), and corresponding Implementation Plan, both living, evolving documents that culminate our extended two-year participation in the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory.

Strategic Plan for Internationalization Goals

Internationalization at UC Santa Cruz will be achieved through the implementation of five goals:

  • Goal 1 – Expand and Enhance Globally-Focused Research and Engagement
  • Goal 2 – Provide Global Learning Opportunities for All
  • Goal 3 – Strengthen Student Success
  • Goal 4 – Enhance Our Global Reputation
  • Goal 5 – Define Organizational Structure
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Campus-wide Goals

As we work toward internationalization, we will maintain focus on the UC Santa Cruz campus-wide goals:

  • Advance student success by improving retention and graduation rates and closing equity gaps
  • Increase UC Santa Cruz’s research profile and impact
  • Foster an inclusive campus climate that embraces and values diversity
  • Improve efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience
Last modified: Jul 09, 2024