August 23, 2018Lab opening meeting of Cohort 16 at ACE in Washington D.C.Complete
September–December 2018Preparation
Formed steering committee; planned internationalization review self-assessment. Received charge from CP/EVC; determined format and scope of the committee’s final deliverable — a strategic plan designating priorities and implementation plans. Established subcommittees, administrative procedures, and meeting schedules. Held monthly committee meetings and check-in calls with ACE advisor
October 18-19, 2018ACE Advisor Site Visit
ACE advisor visited UCSC and met with stakeholders to define key questions and issues, clarify goals, and build support for the Lab process across campus. Visit included meetings with the Chancellor and CP/EVC, Dean’s Advisory Council, steering committee, and Committee on International Education.
January–April 2019Internationalization review: Data collection
Steering committee carried out a comprehensive review of the current state of internationalization activities at UCSC. Conducted visits to over 30 academic department meetings, sent questionnaire to all department chairs, and held town hall meeting. Held regular committee meetings and periodic check-in calls with ACE advisor.
February 8, 2019Lab mid-term meeting of Cohort 16 at ACE in Washington D.C.Complete
May–October 2019Internationalization review: Data analysis.
Subcommittees on Partnerships; Curriculum; and Student Mobility met and drafted White Papers Steering committee analyzed data and produced a working draft of strategic plan outlining internationalization goals and action plansDraft submitted to Academic Senate for feedbackHeld regular committee meetings and periodic check-in calls with ACE advisor.
November – December 2019Lab meeting of Cohort 16 at ACE in Washington D.C.
Drafting of Strategic Plan
Steering committee drafted and revised strategic plan, incorporating Senate feedbackHeld committee meetings/check-ins with ACE advisor.
January – June 2020Lab process delayed due to remote campus operations and peer review site visit scheduled for May 2020 postponedComplete
September – December 2020Steering committee finalizes revisions of final report and draft strategic plan. Held committee meetings/check-ins with ACE advisorSubmit report and draft strategic plan to ACE peer review team and CIE.Complete
January – June 2021Virtual ACE peer review site visit (winter quarter)Final report and strategic plan submitted to CP/EVC for approval (spring quarter)Report distribution.Complete
Timeline for the ACE Internationalization Lab, including dates and corresponding objectives
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