Questionnaire to Department Chairs

Throughout the Winter 2019 quarter, in addition to carrying out in-person visits with each department, the ACE iLab steering committee is soliciting feedback from Department Chairs via this follow-up questionnaire to gather more detailed information about each department’s approach to internationalization efforts past and current, successes and aspirations in these areas, and any perceived barriers to future expansion of efforts.

Curriculum, Co-curriculum, Learning Outcomes

  1. International student enrollments (degree-seeking, exchange, visiting) programs (grad/undergrad) can have many impacts on a department and its curriculum. What are the positive or negative impacts on your unit?
  2. How do you see internationalization as part of your graduate curriculum and co-curriculum?
  3. How do you see internationalization as part of your undergraduate curriculum and co-curriculum?
  4. Does your program have any components that prepare students to thrive in an increasingly multicultural and interconnected world? Please highlight some examples.

Student Mobility

  1. How important is it for your graduate students to perform research / network internationally?
  2. What role do international graduates students play in your strategies for growth of your graduate program?
  3. To what degree are undergraduate student study abroad experiences encouraged within your department?

Partnerships & Collaboration

  1. To what extent are individual faculty in your department engaged in meaningful, sustained partnerships internationally (e.g. research collaborations, co-publications, mobility to/from research sites, sabbaticals). And, where are these partnerships in place (please be specific)?
  2. What institutional barriers does your department perceive in the development of additional formal partnerships?
  3. Over the next 5 years what internationalization initiatives would your department be most interested in pursuing?
Last modified: Jun 13, 2023