iGlobal enhances international student orientation

iGlobal is a new information management platform spearheaded by Global Engagement to enhance services provided to international students and scholars. This year, Global Programming has partnered with International Student and Scholar Services to leverage iGlobal and its new functionalities to prepare students for life at UC Santa Cruz through international student orientation.

“The new platform gives students a simple and effective way to prepare to join their UC Santa Cruz experience,” said Lisa Swaim, Director of Global Programming.

Through an online format, students will gain specific knowledge at regular intervals throughout the orientation process: pre-arrival information, information for the in-person orientation, and follow-up information to help with cultural and institutional adjustments. By accessing the orientation resources, students will be able to utilize iGlobal as an archive resource if they need a refresher or reminder about any specific topic covered. 

The evolution of the iGlobal Pre-Arrival Orientation process allows students to gain assistance earlier in the onboarding process, better preparing the international student for life at UC Santa Cruz. Before iGlobal, students were tasked with understanding and digesting large amounts of information at in-person orientations, which could become overwhelming, particularly when students were grappling with time changes and cultural adjustments.

“International orientation has been a complex process taking place over three and a half days before students joined their peers for Welcome Week. Now, we can spread the information out over an extended period, which helps students retain the information,” said Swaim.

International Student Orientation will now function as a more engaging, in-person event where students can develop peer and staff support networks and begin to build community.

“We hope to enjoy more face-to-face time during orientation, allowing students to interact with Global Leaders for community building,” said Andy Ng, International Programs Coordinator.For more information on International Student Orientation visit the Global Programming webpage.

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