Virtual Internships expand global learning opportunities

Study Abroad, within the Division of Global Engagement, has developed Virtual Global Internships that will launch in summer 2021, partnering with Languages and Applied Linguistics, Cowell College, and Rachel Carson College, to offer UC Santa Cruz coursework.

Virtual Global Internships aim to increase access to experiential learning and allow students to engage globally without having to travel internationally and build intercultural competencies that will be valuable for any future career.

“We understand that studying abroad is not accessible to every student. However, we believe strongly that global learning and experiential opportunities are a valuable part of an undergraduate degree in preparation for the professional world. So, for those reasons, we are proud and excited for the launch of these programs,” Director of Study Abroad Alice Michel said.

Through Virtual Global Internships, students will explore career goals, expand professional networks and skills, and gain real work experience by participating in a remote internship for an organization based abroad all without traveling abroad. 

Internships will be customized according to career interests and skills and available in a wide variety of fields and disciplines. 

Additionally, students will earn UC Santa Cruz credit by enrolling in two online Summer Session courses.

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