Study Abroad becomes Global Learning as program offerings expand

Study Abroad, within the Division of Global Engagement, is excited to announce a rebrand that includes a name change to Global Learning. This name change reflects an expansion of program offerings and a commitment to expand equitable access to international/global experiences to all students at UC Santa Cruz.

Global Engagement’s dedication to providing global learning opportunities for all students is integral to the UC Santa Cruz Strategic Plan for Internationalization. With this in mind, after an in-depth research and analysis process that focused on market trends and the future of study abroad and away program opportunities, it was determined that a rebrand to Global Learning would enable Study Abroad to achieve organizational growth objectives and broaden its services to students. Additionally, this move positions the division and its units to remain successful in an evolving educational landscape.

“Global Learning more accurately reflects our current portfolio of diverse global experiences, including study abroad, away, and virtual options, while at the same time anticipates future innovation and growth,” said Alice Michel, Global Learning Director. “We strive to provide enriching, accessible, and varied global experiential opportunities, challenging all students to study, explore and engage with other cultures whether it is abroad or here at home.”

Current students will notice no change in current processes, services, or advising. Global Learning will continue to focus on study abroad and away program types, though students can expect to see an increase in program options, capacity, and accessibility in the future.

Visitors to the Study Abroad website will soon notice a change to the URL, which will become Additionally, brand changes will be seen in the logo, social media accounts, unit newsletter, email address, and other visual media. The changes will not impact the user experience and automatic rerouting will occur when navigating or using a previous website link or email address. 

The rebrand should be completed by the end of spring quarter 2021. 

If you have any questions, please contact

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