Campus Strategic Plan for Internationalization nears completion

April 12, 2021

In February 2021, UC Santa Cruz hosted a successful virtual peer review site visit from a volunteer team of experts from the American Council on Education to discuss the value of global engagement and review the campus draft Strategic Plan for Internationalization (SPI).

As part of the conclusion of the campus’s participation in the ACE Internationalization Lab, the peer review team engaged with campus leaders and stakeholders in discussions on the value of global engagement, and how to move forward with the adoption and implementation of the draft SPI within the UCSC context.

“This past year, the world was at once disconnected and supremely interconnected. Our university was reminded of the need to intentionally engage with the world beyond national borders to foster global learning and research,” Professor Jeremy Hourigan, faculty director of Global Engagement said. “The conclusion of our ACE Lab and drafting of our Strategic Plan for Internationalization are significant campus-wide achievements that will help Global Engagement enhance the world’s place at UCSC and elevate UCSC’s place in the world.”

As a result of the site visit, the peer review team has produced a final report highlighting strengths and opportunities as well as challenges for UC Santa Cruz as the campus embarks on the next phase of implementation of the SPI.

More about the ACE Internationalization Lab

The campus internationalization effort aims to better prepare our undergraduate and graduate students to meaningfully engage in an increasingly interconnected world.

For more information about the process, visit the UC Santa Cruz ACE Internationalization Lab webpage.

In addition to their work at UC Santa Cruz, the peer review team provides guidance and insight to institutions across the U.S. that are engaged in strategic planning for campus internationalization. Learn more about the site visit and the peer review team here.

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