Instructions for Using this Home Page

Banner Section

Banner images should be 712px by 308px.  Images that don’t already conform to that size will be resized automatically which could cause image distortion.  As always, its important to limit the resolution of images to 72ppi (pixels per inch) so that your page will not load slowly for users with slower connection speeds. Help with image management

Multiple banners can be used and can be set to rotate sequentially or in random order.  The banner image is not required.

Right Sidebar Boxes

Text, images, videos, etc. can be added to the right sidebar by editing this page.  Use the “+’ button next to the section entitled “Right Column – Sidebar Blocks” to add additional blocks of content.  Images, videos etc. should be sized with a maximum width of 310px in width.  

Main Content Area

The main content area is managed with a simple editor and can include any content.  Its recommended that images or other media be a maximum width of 710px to look their best.

Last modified: Jun 12, 2023