Global Mentorship Program fosters community among 172 new international students

The Global Mentorship Program offered to new international students through Global Programming, part of the Division of Global Engagement, has expanded this year to provide needed services to 172 international student mentees.

A team made up of thirteen Global Mentors and two Global Captains trained remotely during the summer and began outreach to incoming international frosh and interested transfer and exchange students in July. The team also connected with students through email and a newly developed Discord channel.

“When I found out that I got into UCSC, I felt nervous about coronavirus and unsure about how to apply for accommodations. My Global Mentor put a lot of my worries at ease. It felt nice to know when I arrived in the U.S., I would know someone,” said Marianna Marcelline, international student mentee. “It has been a great experience attending programs, settling in, and getting to know other international students.”

In September, Global Mentors assisted with community building sessions during international student orientation including ice-breaker conversations and get-to-know-you activities.

Mentors are planning group activities throughout the year to connect with their mentor groups and continue to check in with individual mentees regularly. 

International student programs to date have included Week One gatherings in person or online, a Real Talk series about life at UCSC, and a scary movie night. 

Mentors also assist with Global Programming events and activities such as a trip to Rodoni Farm’s pumpkin patch for international scholars, graduate students, and families, an Evergreen cemetery tour with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in time for Halloween, and a Global Mingle at Woodstock’s with a private tour at the MAH. 

Global Programming looks forward to connecting with UCSC international students, scholars, and faculty in person and via Zoom this year.

“The Global Programming unit was so pleased to hold some extended international student orientation activities in person this fall to help with understanding U.S. classroom culture, intercultural strategies, and international and other identities. It was wonderful to gather in a room together for lunch or dinner and discuss these important topics with new students, Global Mentors, and the Division of Global Engagement staff,” Lisa Swaim, Director of Global Programming said. “Zoom has allowed us to hold and record lots of great workshops, but we rejoice at seeing students face-to-face again to build these important personal connections. We have also appreciated all of the small group programs and individual outreach that our mentors have been doing to support their students.” 

The Global Mentorship Program pairs new international students (mentees) with trained Global Mentors who are knowledgeable and experienced UCSC students.

More information about international student programs and events can be found on the Global Programming webpage.

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