Global Classrooms cohort awarded for course implementation in AY 2023-24

Three UCSC faculty and their partners abroad were selected in spring 2023 for a Global Classrooms award. 

William Sullivan, Professor of MCD Biology

  • UCSC Course:  BIOE 117 – Neglected Tropical Diseases (planned for winter 2024)
  • Partner:  Ousman Tamgue, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Biochemistry, University of Douala, Cameroon

Mark Baker, Continuing Lecturer in the Writing Program, Oakes

  • UCSC Course:  WRIT 2 – Rhetoric and Inquiry – Mapping the Neighborhood: Writing about Communities, Social Justice, Social Change (planned for fall 2024)
  • Partner in Brazil TBD

Hiroshi Fukurai, Professor of Sociology & Legal Studies

  • UCSC Course:  SOCY/LGST 128J – “World Jury on Trial” (planned for spring 2024)
  • Partner: Denis De Castro Halis, Professor, UNESA, Brazil

Awardees will work with partner faculty at institutions abroad to enhance their existing UCSC courses with a Virtual Exchange (VE) experience, also known as Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) component, and deliver these courses in winter or spring 2024, or AY 2023-24. Learn more about the COIL course design model.

The courses can vary in scope and duration, but they typically range from five to eight weeks within a quarter-length course. Global Classroom courses almost always include jointly-planned classroom activities, synchronous and asynchronous project-based learning, and the use of online teaching tools. These courses increase students’ access to international and intercultural learning experiences in the classroom.

The new cohort will meet this spring for a kickoff meeting with Jessie Dubreuil, Associate Director for Learning with the Teaching and Learning Center and Global Classrooms faculty fellow with Global Engagement, along with Aaron Zachmeier, Associate Director for Instructional Design, and George Sabo, Director of Global Initiatives. 

The cohort will receive some “homework” for the summer to get them thinking more about their course plans with their partners. The teaching pairs will continue their planning discussions through the summer and will join an online workshop in VE/COIL design in fall 2023 with Jessie and Aaron.

Faculty interested in developing a Global Classrooms course should contact Director of Global Initiatives, George Sabo at

The Division of Global Engagement’s Global Classrooms initiative endeavors to increase opportunity and access to global learning as outlined in the UCSC Strategic Plan for Internationalization, through supporting faculty in the creation or modification of globally-focused courses.

Last modified: Nov 30, 2023