Five Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs to run this summer

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By Kate O’Neill 

Market garden outside Sancti Spiritus in Cuba (Credit: Damian Parr)

Five UCSC Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs will run this year during Summer Session 2019. These programs offer students a unique opportunity to take UCSC courses taught by UCSC faculty abroad. Over 70 students have been selected to participate.

The programs running this summer are:

  • Accelerated Italian on the Amalfi Coast in Italy with Lecturer Tonia Prencipe
  • Agroecology Practicum in Cuba with Professor Damian Parr
  • Art in the Global Context in Czech Republic with Professor Dee Hibbert-Jones
  • Film History and Preservation in Italy with Professors Shelley Stamp and Jennifer Horne
  • Moku Hanga Printmaking in Japan with Professor Jimin Lee

Faculty involved in these efforts are enthusiastic about the additional insight the international location will provide to the learning experience.

Damian Parr, faculty leader for the Cuba Agroecology Practicum, noted the location of his program provides an enlightening experience due to the ongoing agricultural transformation to a more just and ecologically sustainable food system that has taken place over the past three decades in the country. Throughout this program, students will learn with a team of Cuban agroecology leaders while working on farms and gardens across the country.

“A large set of the population is working in agricultural systems that rely on biological fertility and pest management processes — methods that we call organic in the US and Europe — and small scale diversified growers are providing a substantial amount of their country’s food supply. Students will reflect critically on what trade-offs might exist in the evolution of this system, where it is succeeding and where it is failing, and what is contributing to these results,” Parr said.

Faculty interested in teaching a course abroad should visit to learn more about the proposal process. To learn more about the programs available in 2019, please visit

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