Collaborations key to global learning for all

The Division of Global Engagement builds connections across campus to expand global learning opportunities for all students which also supports the Beyond the Classroom priority of our Student Success Initiative.

One recent partnership with the Department of Psychology has resulted in the  Psychology and Cognitive Science Internship. This new program allows students to explore career goals, expand professional skills, and gain real work experience while abroad in either Barcelona, Spain or Lisbon, Portugal.

“Through collaborations such as this, we are able to facilitate strategically developed programs that are tied to academic disciplines while crafting experiential opportunities that are most valuable to students,” said Alice Michel, director of Global Learning.

The Department of Psychology stood out as an ideal candidate to pilot a summer international internship due, in large part, to their highly successful Field Study Program, led by Carrie Walker, Field Study director.

Together, Walker and Michel worked to adapt the Field Study Program to a summer internship format. In summer 2022, 32 students will participate in a customized internship with an organization in either Spain or Portugal.

“Our students are extremely motivated to put the skills and knowledge they’ve gained to use in professional spaces. The Psychology Field Study Program attempts to provide that opportunity, while also emphasizing the importance of giving back to the greater Santa Cruz community. These new international internships in Barcelona and Lisbon have not only expanded the number of students we can serve, but will allow our students to experience a new culture and perspective, all while supporting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our global community,” said Walker.

Global Learning hopes to replicate this model in the future with other departments on campus in order to enhance UCSC’s portfolio of international internship offerings.

Another example of campus collaboration is the recently held Summer Opportunities Fair. The fair is an annual collaboration between Global Learning and Summer Session that began in 2015. The event is intended to promote summer degree progress opportunities in a one-stop-shop setting. Departments across campus are invited to table at the fair to share summer opportunities they offer.

“These on-campus collaborations are important. Not only do they allow staff to connect and build relationships with campus colleagues, but ultimately, they provide access for students to learn about the vast variety of educational and professional opportunities available to them and the support they will receive upon pursuing them,” said Ashley Bayman, Global Learning coordinator.

Students who attend the event are able to speak to faculty and staff who design and coordinate program opportunities. By having this face-to-face connection, staff can provide personalized information, answer questions on the spot, and connect students to opportunities that match their personal, academic, and professional interests.

“We are thrilled that our campus commitment to minimizing the impacts of COVID-19 allowed us to bring back this important in-person student event. It was so refreshing to meet students face-to-face again. Although we’ve all adapted to Zoom, nothing compares to the support staff and faculty can provide through a one-on-one conversation,” said Jennifer Gallacher, assistant director for Summer Session.

Departments interested in collaborations such as these or internationally-focused support and facilitation, please contact

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