Advising for Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, and Schwarzman Scholarships

Global Engagement is creating a robust support structure that enhances access to multiple prestigious international postgraduate scholarships, a key characteristic of universities producing students of high recognition.

The reorganization consolidates advising for incoming and outgoing students applying for scholarships that fund international mobility and degree opportunities. This goal is to establish a community of potential mentors, alumni, current awardees and applicants, to nurture the next generation of outstanding scholars.

“This new direction for scholarship assistance provides us with an opportunity to come together as a campus, for multiple entities to work together, for Global Engagement to facilitate this with the intent to build and develop diverse student representatives that will engage with the world,” Gabriele Schmiegel, Assistant Director for Sponsored Student Programs who now oversees international scholarship advising said.

Beyond the alumni and honors advising offices, targeted outreach will include Disability Services, Cultural Resource Centers, and student entrepreneurship programs. Competitive scholarship awards need to include diverse applicants to be truly successful.

Alice Michel, Study Abroad Director, has provided application assistance for Rhodes and Marshall scholarships since the fall of 2018, including support for UC Santa Cruz’s first Rhodes Scholar, Garima Desai.

“While our scholarship assistance efforts have been successful, we must always look for ways to improve processes that provide the best possible guidance and support to our students,” Michel said. “Gabriele has an immense amount of scholarship experience and expertise that will undoubtedly enhance student access and competitiveness.”

More information on international scholarship advising can be found on the Prestigious International Postgraduate Scholarships webpage.

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