UC Santa Cruz Fulbright Scholars

The Fulbright U.S.Scholar Program offers 470 teaching, research, or combination teaching/research awards in over 125 countries. Opportunities are available for college and university faculty and administrators as well as for professionals, artists, journalists, scientists, lawyers, independent scholars, and others. In addition to several new program models designed to meet the changing needs of U.S. academics and professionals, Fulbright offers flexible awards including some multi-country opportunities.

In addition, each year some 800 faculty and professionals from around the world receive Fulbright Visiting Scholar grants for advanced research and university teaching in the United States. Individual grants are available to scholars from over 155 countries. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements apply for grants through the Fulbright Commission or public affairs section of the U.S. embassy in their home countries.

UC Santa Cruz U.S. Scholars

Adina Paytan

  • Title
    • Faculty
  • Phone
    • 650-274-6084
Profile picture of Adina Paytan

Becky George

  • Title
    • Assistant Vice Provost of Global Engagement and Senior International Officer
  • Phone
    • (831) 459-1288
Profile picture of Becky George

Annapurna Devi Pandey

  • Title
    • Continuing Lecturer
  • Phone
    • 831-459-4681
Profile picture of Annapurna Devi Pandey

Irene E Lusztig

  • Title
    • Associate Professor
  • Phone
    • 831-459-2181
Profile picture of Irene E Lusztig

Hi Kyung Kim

  • Title
    • Professor
  • Phone
    • 831-459-3191
Profile picture of Hi Kyung Kim
UC Santa Cruz Visiting Scholars