Be a Global Leader

Global Leaders (GLs) serve an integral role in the successful transition of incoming international students starting with International Student Orientation and providing event staffing support throughout the year. We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated student leaders who have strong interpersonal skills and a genuine desire to help new international students.

During International Student Orientation, GLs will assist in developing and leading activities and programs to foster community building amongst new students. They assist in the setup and teardown of orientation-related events, provide staffing needs, and maintain active communication with their students throughout the duration of orientation.

After International Student Orientation, GLs continue to work for us by assisting in program planning and implementation from social events to intercultural workshops. This position provides an opportunity for students to engage with people from different backgrounds and develop important life skills.

Why should you be a Global Leader?

  • Personal Development: You will interact with people from all over the world, learn a lot about yourself as you help others, and learn about other cultures and experiences.
  • Professional Development: You will have the chance to develop leadership, intercultural communication, and professional skills while gaining valuable experience from working in orientation to put on your resume.
  • Invaluable Peer Engagement: You will play a large part in helping new students begin their careers as UCSC Slugs.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be current undergraduate students (international or domestic) with a graduation date no earlier than Spring 2024.

How do I apply?

Applications are due Friday, April 28, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact us at