Global Staff Exchange Program

Aarhus University, Denmark

ATTENTION: Program suspended until further notice.

The Global Staff Exchange Program provides a unique professional development opportunity for UC Santa Cruz staff to learn from our global partners through a one to two-week exchange at one of our partner institutions. The exchange experience is designed to provide staff with the opportunity to share best practices and expertise, network and acquire a more global perspective on university services, administration, and management.

The program is designed to support the professional development of the participating staff. Additionally, participants will:

  • Contribute to our campus efforts to strengthen our institutional relationships
  • Facilitate professional growth
  • Advance international research and scholarship at UC Santa Cruz and our international partners

Global Staff Exchange Partners

University of Sussex, UK
Aarhus University, Denmark

The Global Staff Exchange Program has openings for two (2) staff to participate:

  • one (1) for the University of Sussex
  • one (1) for Aarhus University

Global Engagement plans to offer staff exchanges with additional partner institutions as the program continues to grow.

Contact Information

For further information on this program, please contact:

Alice Michel, Study Abroad Director,