Upcoming Courses

Winter 2023

SOCY/LGST 128M - International Law and Global Justice | Class Search

In collaboration with Universidade Estácio de Sá (UNESA) - Brazil

Examines war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the evolution and role of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Examines the evolution of the concept of international law, the rationale for its birth and existence, roots of international conflicts and genocides, possible remedies available to victims, mechanisms for the creation and enforcement of international legal order, as well as the role of colonialism, migration, poverty, race/ethnic conflicts, gender, and international corporations in creating and maintaining conflicts and wars.

MERR 183F - Focus on Africa | Class Search

In collaboration with the Co-operative University of Kenya

The Focus on Africa series at Merrill has a dual emphasis: a) upon current affairs on the African continent, and b) on specific methodologies that participating students can use in building viable constituencies for Africa - on campus and in their home communities. Areas of specific focus include Public Health, Media, Technology and Education, Energy, and Transportation. Last offered: Fall 2021

Tentatively Planned - Fall 2023

CLNI 1 (Section TBD) - Academic Literacy & Ethos: Int’l & Global Perspectives | Class Search TBD

In collaboration with the Co-operative University of Kenya

Teaches foundational concepts for intellectual exploration and personal development within an academic community: analysis, critical thinking, metacognition, engagement with others across difference, and self-efficacy. Addresses large-scale political, cultural, and economic issues to inform global citizenship.

SOCY 173X - Water and Sanitation Justice

In collaboration with Royal Roads University (Canada)

This online undergraduate course will explore the many manifestations of water and sanitation justice and injustice on multiple interlocking scales (i.e. local, national, transnational) while illustrating analytical ideas connecting to a range of social processes including urbanization and infrastructure development, deprivation, and exclusion, privatization of land and water, and claims for human rights. Students will learn from a range of cases in the global south and the global north and use key technical and social concepts to address rights, equity, and justice with respect to water and sanitation. This unique course was developed by an interdisciplinary team of scholars with varying methodological and place-based expertise. Each week was designed, and will be taught, by a different team member. Some weeks have multiple short readings that give different dimensions of the week's theme (e.g. newspaper articles) while other weeks have academic papers. This diverse approach will acquaint you with theoretical and practical knowledge about water and sanitation justice.