Submission Gallery

Global Engagement is proud to present the submissions for this year's Global Photo Contest. Photo submissions fit into two categories:

  1. Photos from the U.S.
  2. Photos from Abroad 
In order to protect the intellectual property of our participants, please do not download or use any photograph in any way without expressed permission from the photographer.

  • A Home in Tel Aviv by Nona Golan
  • A Two-faced City by Carmen Finley
  • Abyss by Simone Mazza
  • African Penguins, who knew? Persistence in a new land by Vanessa Orey
  • Big Sur, Home by Cal Huesby
  • Through Time by Brian Myers
  • Changes by Chenrun Yu
  • Childhood memories in Spain by Victoria Debrito
  • Colors of Kimono Maribeth Villanueva
  • Dashing Down by Xingyu Chen
  • Division by Gaze by Gardner Mein
  • Ensenada - 1 by  Jared Guzman
  • Everything will be OK by Sam Ayele
  • Family along the chaos by Brianna Gaffney
  • Fruit stall in Antananarive by Javier Galan
  •  Boy on the Beach by Jie Chai​​​​​​​
  • The Rock by Jie Chai
  • Jewel of India by Nadina Sapkota
  • Kea by Dean Lyons
  • Kimono Day, Asakusa by Maribeth Villanueva
  • Kirke by Johar Felix Contreras
  • Life Under Jungfrau by Cal Huesby
  • Limitless by Gwyn Foley
  • ManMade by Nona Golan
  • Mermaid by Simone Mazza
  •  Mind of a Train by Victoria Debrito
  • My Neigh-bor by Brianna Gaffney
  • Neon Dream by Xingyu Chen
  • New Beginnings by Eduardo Hirata
  • Parisian State of Mind by Alfred George Milan
  • Porter Dining by Jared Guzman
  • See the Light by Sam Ayele
  • Serenity by Miles Wilson
  • Solid Style by Chenrun Yu
  • Street Art, Penang, Malaysia by Isabella Bond
  • Sunset at Davenport beach by Tangcheng Wu
  • The birth of light by Gwyn Foley
  • The Cruz by Dean Lyons
  • The Rich Culture of India by Nidina Sapkota
  • The Wooden Bus by Yuyan Zou
  • Where is My Kittle Sister? by Joey Tan
  • White Temple, Chiang Rai, Thailand by Isabella Bond
  • Wild Herds by Jessica Guild
  • Young Faces by Gardner Mein