New international partnerships and agreements

May 18, 2022


In AY 2021-22, the Division of Global Engagement facilitated the development of new international agreements for partnership between UC Santa Cruz and universities and organizations operating outside of the U.S.

Agreements such as these allow the Division to promote international cooperation in teaching, research, and student, faculty, and staff mobility

Six new bilateral student exchange partnerships have been established this academic year that have grown out of UCSC faculty connections as well as student interest in these locations for study abroad. These partnerships will provide UCSC students with the opportunity to study abroad at these institutions while earning UC credit; students from these institutions will also be invited to study on exchange at UCSC for between one to three quarters.

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - Norway
  • University of the Andes (UniAndes) - Colombia
  • University of Leeds - UK (England)
  • University of Melbourne - Australia
  • University of Padua - Italy
  • University of the Ryukyus - Japan

UC Santa Cruz currently has over 50 active partnership agreements with institutions across more than 15 countries. Most of these agreements are proposed and established with sponsorship and support of UC Santa Cruz faculty.

Use GlobalConnect, an international connections and activities database, to find information about the institutions that UC Santa Cruz is engaged with throughout the world.

Learn more or propose a partnership on the agreements section of the Global Engagement website. For questions about the proposal or development of an agreement, contact Director of Global Initiatives George Sabo at

Broadening and deepening institutional partnerships with universities abroad is key to our Strategic Plan for Internationalization.