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Implementation Plan progress during the 2021-2022 AY

Goal 1 - Expand and Enhance Globally-Focused Research and Engagement 

1.A.1. - Provide seed grants to faculty to expand international collaborations

  • Beginning planning proposal process for faculty in AY 2022-23

1.B.1. - Map international activity of faculty and communicate broadly

  • Developed GlobalConnect database to catalog international connections and activities

1.C.2. - Increase international graduate student enrollments

  • Focused on sponsored student growth post-pandemic through outreach to sponsors

Goal 2 - Provide Global Learning Opportunities for All

2.A.1. - Support faculty in the creation or modification of globally-focused courses

  • Launched eight new Global Classrooms (COIL/Virtual Exchange) in AY 2021-22
  • Established, in partnership with CITL, a faculty fellow focused on Global Classrooms development
  • Created and delivered, in collaboration with CITL and Online Education, COIL/Virtual Exchange training workshop for faculty

2.A.3. - Develop virtual and in-person international internship programs

2.A.4. - Develop international online course exchanges

2.B.1. - Increase language curriculum tied to degrees and the Centers with regional research foci and area studies

  •  Established new bilateral student exchange programs, many of which offer unique and robust language offerings

Goal 3 - Strengthen Student Success

3.A.2. - Monitor the well-being of the international student populations

  • Established an International Student Engagement Advisor position to focus on
    international student success and retention

3.B.1. - Support faculty/staff in teaching and working with international students

  • Enhanced Global Classrooms training to include sections on intercultural communication, language diversity, and technology access

3.B.2. - Expand and integrate co-curricular opportunities to engage students across cultures and nationalities

Goal 4 - Enhance Our Global Reputation

4.A.1. - Identify and develop research foci and world regions to prioritize international efforts and define UC Santa Cruz’s global profile

  • Established faculty advisory group

4.B.1. - Increase the number of international partnerships

  • Established eight new student exchange programs in AY 2021-22 with university partners abroad
  • Hosted two university delegation visits from the UK and India

4.C.1. - Communicate our assets, activities, impacts, and plans via the web, annual reports, newsletters, and other publications

Goal 5 - Define Organizational Structure

5.B.1. - Create and fund a position dedicated to managing international risk that will create policy and enact best practices to mitigate risk to individuals and the institution

  • Secured funding for international risk manager staff position through campus-wide resource call