Below is a brief overview of each of the five goals that make up the Strategic Plan for Internationalization.
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Goal 1 - Expand and Enhance Globally-Focused Research and Engagement

  1. Engage faculty and foster global collaborations
  2. Develop a campus resource to disseminate information on faculty engaged in international research and initiatives
  3. Create opportunities and facilitate global impact

Goal 2 - Provide Global Learning Opportunities for All

  1. Increase opportunity and access
  2. Expand foreign language training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to support their study and research
  3. Develop undergraduate and graduate global studies/theory designations, minors, or concentrations

Goal 3 - Strengthen Student Success

  1. Improve international student experience and support
  2. Provide support and opportunities for cross-cultural understanding for all students, staff, and faculty

Goal 4 - Enhance Our Global Reputation

  1. Establish faculty advisory groups by world region to inform strategy and guide implementation of global initiatives
  2. Broaden and deepen institutional partnerships with universities abroad
  3. Enhance the communication strategy to tell our international story
  4. Engage alumni living and/or working abroad

Goal 5 - Define Organizational Structure

  1. Establish a permanent principal officer position to lead the division to ensure global engagement is part of campus leadership discussions and planning
  2. Provide comprehensive risk management for student, faculty, and staff international travel