Goal 4 - Enhance Our Global Reputation

We must tell our international story for all stakeholders to recognize the strengths of our academics and research, and attract the brightest minds from around the world to our campus to study, teach, and conduct research.

  1. Establish faculty advisory groups by world region to inform strategy and guide implementation of global initiatives
    1. Identify and develop research foci and world regions to prioritize international efforts and define UC Santa Cruz’s global profile
    2. In consultation with the regional faculty advisory groups, develop a process to identify projects and regions of the world where we can have the greatest impact as an institution

  2. Broaden and deepen institutional partnerships with universities abroad
    1. Increase the number of international partnerships
      1. Diversify partnership portfolio by region and country through strategic planning and faculty connections
      2. Collect data on visiting scholars to explore potential partnerships through existing connections
      3. Establish a partnership development strategy that prioritizes expansion of global learning opportunities, graduate student recruitment, and access to new grant funding
    2. Support faculty collaboration and research with partners
      1. Facilitate graduate student exchange
      2. Develop a protocol and provide funding for establishing faculty exchanges with partners abroad
      3. Provide funding for faculty symposiums/workshops with partner universities
      4. Establish seed grants to support international visitors and faculty travel to strengthen partnerships
    3. Cultivate partnerships beyond academia with the private sector, governments, and non-governmental organizations
      1. Develop pipelines for sponsored students
      2. Expand international opportunities for students, faculty, and staff

  3. Enhance the communication strategy to tell our international story
    1. Communicate our assets, activities, impacts, and plans via the web, annual reports, newsletters, and other publications
      1. Coordinate with University Relations and divisional communications teams to create and disseminate stories and research impact
    2. Leverage innovative tools to collect, archive, analyze, and display international activity
      1. Explore and identify a systematic way to collect data on faculty activities and connections abroad
      2. Develop a campus resource web page to display international activity and promote its utilization by faculty

  4. Engage alumni living and/or working abroad
    1. Develop a plan to engage with international alumni and alumni living abroad
      1. Partner with University Relations to develop a plan
      2. Leverage leadership, faculty, staff, and student travel to engage with alumni
    2. Develop a database of international alumni and other alumni living abroad
      1. Create communications tools to engage alumni abroad