Goal 3 - Strengthen Student Success

Helping students achieve success is imperative for any university. We must continually monitor and improve
the experiences and outcomes for our students, both for those who are new to our country and for the totality of graduates who will be living and working in an increasingly complex, multicultural, and multinational world.

  1. Improve international student experience and support
    1. Expand writing and language support for international students
      1. Increase participation in the Graduate Preparation Program
      2. Develop and identify funding for international graduate writing curriculum
      3. Explore the development of an Undergraduate Preparation program
    2. Monitor the well-being of the international student populations
      1. Partner with Institutional Research, Assessment and Policy Studies (IRAPS) to include data collection specific to the international student experience in their surveys
      2. Conduct regular focus groups/data collection from students
    3. Diversify the international student population
      1. Broaden recruitment activities
      2. Increase sponsored students

  2. Provide support and opportunities for cross-cultural understanding for all students, staff, and faculty
    1. Support faculty and staff in teaching and working with students from multiple countries, cultures, and backgrounds
      1. Explore providing workshops/training in collaboration with CITL and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI)
      2. Consistently include international foci in staff and student diversity training programs
      3. Expand the Global Staff Exchange Program
    2. Expand and integrate co-curricular opportunities to engage students across cultures and nationalities
      1. Expand virtual co-curricular opportunities through university partners abroad and international consortiums such as the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)
      2. Partner with campus stakeholders to develop activities that create meaningful and impactful interaction between international and domestic students