Goal 2 - Provide Global Learning Opportunities for All

To prepare all of our students for the interconnected and interdependent world into which they will graduate, and to be competitive in this ever-increasing multicultural workplace, we must provide multiple and varied global learning opportunities for all of our students.

  1. Increase opportunity and access
    1. Support faculty in the creation or modification of globally-focused courses in every major
      1. Launch a Global Classrooms initiative for the inclusion of Collaborative International Online Learning (COIL) components into existing courses
      2. Explore partnering with CIE and the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL) to offer a faculty fellows program focused on this goal
      3. Offer workshop opportunities for faculty with this focus
    2. Increase the number of faculty-led and exchange programs, and increase student participation in both
      1. Through a sustainable funding model, provide incentives for faculty at all career levels to develop and lead faculty-led programs
      2. Through a sustainable funding model, decrease the cost of participation for students
      3. Advance academic integration of our UC Santa Cruz Global Exchanges through partnering with academic departments
    3. Develop virtual and in-person international internship programs
      1. Partner with academic departments and faculty to provide undergraduate international research exchanges with university partners abroad
      2. Establish internship/experiential learning opportunities during Summer Session
    4. Develop international online course exchanges
      1. Partner with the Academic Senate, departments, and faculty to offer online courses from universities abroad during the academic year to undergraduate students
    5. Expand and promote domestic study-away opportunities
      1. Expand domestic exchange opportunities
      2. Explore the development of faculty-led summer programs for domestic locations
    6. Expand the iFloor model
      1. Partner with the College Provosts and College Administrator Officers to expand iFloor to other colleges

  2. Expand foreign language training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to support their study and research
    1. Increase language curriculum tied to degrees and the Centers with regional research foci and area studies
    2. Develop language-focused exchange partnerships

  3. Develop undergraduate and graduate global studies/theory designations, minors, or concentrations
    1. Partner with academic units to develop minors or concentrations with global focus
    2. Facilitate inclusion of global concentrations and pathways in degrees