Goal 1 - Expand and Enhance Globally-Focused Research and Engagement

UC Santa Cruz has an impressive profile of faculty engaged in research and creativity throughout the world. Faculty international engagement is the foundation for building strategic international partnerships, expanding global opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students, and elevating our research impact and reputation internationally.

  1. Engage faculty and foster global collaborations
    1. Provide seed grants to faculty to create or expand international collaborations
      1. Partner with the campus stakeholders to launch a first round of seed grants during the 2021-22 academic year
    2. Develop interdisciplinary faculty seminars abroad designed to enhance curriculum, mobility, and research partnerships
      1. Partner with campus stakeholders to identify country locations
      2. Partner with Academic Senate to develop a review and selection process to send a cohort of faculty on a seminar abroad in 2022
    3. Increase grant opportunities that foster international research
      1. Partner with the Office of Research to assist faculty in identifying funding sources with international foci that maximize our existing research strengths
    4. Explore donor funding for international research and initiatives
      1. Partner with University Relations to create a plan for development work with international corporations, foundations, alumni, and donors

  2. Develop a campus resource to disseminate information on faculty engaged in international research and initiatives
    1. Map international activity of faculty and communicate broadly
      1. Enhance the functions of the GlobalConnect database linked to the GE website
      2. Promote the utilization of the GlobalConnect database to faculty as a shared resource

  3. Create opportunities and facilitate global impact
    1. Increase housing availability for visiting scholars
      1. Partner with campus stakeholders such as CHES and the Colleges to explore visiting scholar housing options
      2. Partner with University Relations and/or community sponsors to explore the establishment of an International House
    2. Increase international graduate student enrollments
      1. Develop a campus-wide strategy for the recruitment of international graduate students, including sponsored students