Example Weekly Schedule

Monday through Friday:

  • Oral Communication  
    • This class focuses on understanding and being understood in seminar style classroom environments, including academic conversation techniques, pronunciation as needed, and using/identifying evidence in discussion.  It also introduces U.S. classroom approaches and student-centered teaching and learning.
  • Written Communication  
    • This class introduces best-practice in Research Writing including issues of citation, library and online research, hierarchies of evidence, avoiding plagiarism, rhetorical voice, and written structure in research.  It includes staged feedback from instructors in order to encourage a “writing process” and awareness of university resources and student/faculty roles.

  • Academic Project Class 
    • This class incorporates oral and written skills through group work, written reports, and formal presentation.  The initial summative project is an individual presentation and the latter is a combination of a written research essay and an additional individual presentation.  The class encourages critical thinking through the use of appropriate evidence and the identification of evidence in written material.

  • Guided study (independent online and project related work) 
    • Students are expected to complete additional independent and group work related to the above classes, especially the Academic Project Class as related to the summative projects.  This will occasionally involve online resources to encourage learner autonomy and self-guided study.