Housing and Meals

Housing (deadline for registration or cancellation: July 21, 2017):

The Graduate Preparation Program offers students temporary housing for the duration of the program at The Village.  This temporary housing is optional for those students who elect to take part.  

Graduate Preparation Program students will receive a special rate of $650 for a single occupancy room with shared bathroom and shared kitchenette.  There is a shared full-facility kitchen on the premises, so a meal plan is not required.  Housing is provided from noon on Saturday, August 26 to noon on Thursday, September 21.  

Additional photos of The Village can be found by clicking here.

Please reserve your space by completing the online application form found below.

Please note, this housing is limited to the dates of August 26 to September 21.  There is no option for extension, and you must move out of The Village no later than noon on September 21.  We hope this cost-effective and temporary solution will give you the chance to focus on your studies while simultaneously securing more permanent housing for the duration of your primary program.

For longer term options, please consider the following UCSC resources:

UCSC Community Rentals

Graduate Student Housing

Housing for Students with Families

Additional notes:

All rooms at The Village are single occupancy.  Each building is co-ed with men and women.  If you prefer a same-sex building, please make note of this on the “special needs” section of the online application.  We cannot guarantee availability of same-sex buildings, but we will do our best to accommodate this request.

Please take note of the physical location of The Village within the UCSC campus.  The UCSC campus is large in size.  Occupancy at The Village will require management of physical distance and, by election, use of UCSC shuttle bus services.  If you have special needs in this regard, please make note of this on the “special needs” section of the online application.

For more information on accessibility and special needs, please see the following UCSC resources:

Disability Accommodations and Resources

TAPS Disability Van Service

Disability Resource Center

Linens (bed sheets, pillowcase, washcloth and towels) are not included in the price.  Linens are available for purchase at Bay Tree Bookstore on campus; or you can bring your own linens; or you can rent linens for the duration of the program.  The cost for linen rental is an additional $32.  If you are interested in linen rental, please indicate this on your online application form and these items will be available at The Village for pick up when you first check in.

If you need to cancel a reservation for any reason please e-mail abergenf@ucsc.ed as soon as possible and no later than July 21. 

Finally, rooms in The Village are wired for Internet but are not wireless compatible.  To use the Internet, you must provide your own standard Ethernet cable.  If your computer or device does not have an Ethernet port, you will have to consider other options.  Ethernet cables are available for purchase at Bay Tree Bookstore on campus, but you may also consider bringing your own cable from home.

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If students stay at The Village, they may elect to cook their own meals at the shared kitchen facilities.  Otherwise students may elect to purchase Flexi Dollars to be used to purchase food and drink at campus dining halls, restaurants, cafés, coffee bars, and all other campus dining outlets.  The price (subject to change) is $8.25 for breakfast, $10.25 for lunch, and $11.25 for dinner ($29.75 per day).

Please note from September many of the campus facilities will be closed for the summer recess.  During this month only one cafeteria is open and for 2017 this is located at Rachel Carson College on the west side of campus which may require additional planning and time to reach from classroom locations on the east side of campus (see campus map).