Initiate an International Agreement

To promote international cooperation in teaching, research and other fields of mutual interest, the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) enters into formal partnerships with universities outside the U.S., foreign government agencies, and non-profit organizations.  UCSC faculty, departments and divisions may act as sponsors and initiate agreements.  Sponsors should become familiar with UCSC policies and procedures before committing to any form of international partnership.

Global Engagement (GE) will assist sponsors by discussing types of agreements and guide the development of the agreement.  Please contact Becky George, Assistant Vice Provost at with any questions if you are interested in initiating an international agreement.  

Proposal and approval process

Step 1

  • Discuss the initiative with your chair and/or dean. Learn about departmental or college policies for international collaborations and confirm their support.

Step 2

Step 3

  • GE will provide a draft agreement created using a template approved by the UCSC Office of General Counsel.

Step 4

  • Agreement terms are negotiated.  Either GE or the agreement sponsor shares the draft with the collaborating institution, which may propose edits.

Step 5

  • Following approval of the draft, the institutional authorities named in the agreement print and sign two original copies of the agreement (more if specified).
  • One copy of the fully executed agreement remains with the partner institution; the other is held by GE with a copy to the sponsoring department.