Strategic Plan

Makenna Breitenfeld, Ireland

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UC Santa Cruz will be a model of campus-wide comprehensive internationalization within the UC System, nationally and internationally.


The Division of Global Engagement facilitates the exchange of people, ideas and knowledge to support and promote the internationalization of the teaching, learning, and research at UC Santa Cruz.

Strategic Plan

Global Learning

  • Expand learning and study abroad opportunities for students and increase participation of students
  • Promote and advance the incorporation of global perspectives into the teaching and learning at UC Santa
  • Support the success of our international students and scholars through comprehensive services and

Global Partnerships

  • Establish, develop, and maintain strategic partnerships with leading peer institutions around the world
  • Promote and advance institutional transformation through sustainable and multi-dimensional partnership
  • Connect UC Santa Cruz students and faculty to the world and vice versa through international partnerships

Global Research

  • Facilitate and support faculty engagement in international research
  • Facilitate and support undergraduate and graduate international research opportunities and exchanges
  • Promote solutions to global issues through interdisciplinary, international research collaborations involving students, faculty, and scholars

Global Team Development

  • Support and promote professional development opportunities for staff
  • Promote innovative technologies to mainstream processes and increase efficiency
  • Promote transparency and collaborative decision making