Graduate Preparation Program

Program Outline:

The Graduate Preparation Program is a four-week intensive non-credit course offered prior to the Fall quarter which is open to all current and newly admitted international graduate students.  It focuses on English for Academic Purposes (EAP), academic skills, and cultural orientation.  The program is offered in collaboration with Graduate Division and Global Engagement.

The course offers guided support with:

  • Seminar-style classroom discussion
  • Presentation and oral communication skills  
  • Information on U.S. classroom culture; roles and responsibilities of faculty and peers
  • Critical thinking; using evidence to support ideas
  • Research writing; citation; avoiding plagiarism
  • Collaborative and project-based learning
  • And more

The program also supports international graduate students in their role as Teaching Assistants (TAs), due to its focus on U.S. classroom culture, presentations, and oral communication.  The course is strongly recommended for those students who have immediate TA placement and for those who would like to have a TA placement in the future.  This program will ensure that international graduate students have the language skills and support to succeed in the classroom, which will have an additional positive impact on undergraduate student success.

Students who successfully complete the Graduate Preparation Program will not be required to take the Versant English Placement Test.

Program Details:

Program Dates and Cost

Housing and Meals

Weekly Schedule

Contact Information

How to Apply:

If you have read the information above and are a current or incoming (fully admitted) UCSC graduate student, and would like to apply to the Graduate Preparation Program, please click below.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact Global Engagement.

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